Can you please check my last sentences.
I really need to know which expressions are best. Thank you.

1)He studied at Eton college, where misbehaved students used to be beaten.
2) On his return to London he experienced poverty.
3) At the time (not "in this period") he began publishing his works.
4) He reported on the Spanish Civil War. This episode strengthened his opposition to (not against) totalitarian states, which led him to the writing of 1984.
5) If they misbehaved, they could get terrible punishments like (?) have their ears cut off, be buried alive or even killed.
6) People haven't any privacy (have no privacy?) since they are under constant control of Big Brother. They are controlled through (not by) the telescreen.
7) The narrator gives a description of Oceania and its most important city.
Their privacy is denied to them (???)

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  1. 1 - OK

    2 - add comma after London

    3 - Either phrase will do.

    4 - Either word will do.

    5 - " ... terrible punishments, such as having their ears cut off, being buried alive, or even being killed."

    6 - Either phrasing will do.

    7 - OK

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