if i buy 2 mouse on january 1 1998 which is 1 male and 1 famale the female mouse gives birth every two month 1 male and 1 female the same circle happens with all the female mice for 2 year i need the know the total number for mice because i need to sell them on january 1 2000

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  1. make a chart
    Jan 1/98 ...1 male....1 female = 2 mice
    Mar 1/98 ...2 males...2 females = 4 mice
    (the 1 female produced a new male and a new female, add these to what you had)

    May 1/98 ...4 males ... 4 females = 8 mice
    (the 2 females produced 2 new males and 2 new females, add these to get 4 males and 4 females)

    July 1/98 the 4 females produce 4 new males and 4 new females, so now we have
    8 males and 8 females, for a total of 16 mice

    Can you see the pattern?
    Can you predict what it would be after 12 steps like above?

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