I have a few more sentences on Dorian's death I'd like you to check. Thank you.

1)Dorian throws himself on the sofa and starts thinking of his past. He recognizes he has filled his mind with corruption, committed horrible crimes and has exerted an evil influence on others.
2) He admits beauty and youth have only caused his ruin. Bauty has been but a mask to him and youth but a mockery.
3) Then he remembers Hetty, the beautiful and charming country girl, whom he met in a village and had a romance with.
4) She was very much like Sybil, knew nothing of him and thought he was an angel.
5) They were to go away together , which would have meant the girl's ruin by Victorian standards since Dorian didn't have the intention to marry her. He eventually spared her and, at the last minute, did not elope with her.
6) He did one good thing since he protected her reputation and didn't ruin her her innocence. (He left her as flower-like as he found her).
7)He cheers himself by thinking of his recent good action. As he did one good thing he wonders if the portrait has changed. While looking at the picture a cry of pain and indignation comes from him.

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  1. Check spelling.

    Check comma uses.

    ... Dorian didn't have any intention of marrying her. <~~idiomatic wording

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