Can you proofread my writing? What grade would you give me?

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
Decisions everyone has to make them. Some decisions are hard and important and some are not. The decision I had to make was did I still want to be the statistician for the varsity Girls and Boys basketball team.
“Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock,” went my head as my mind drifted of what to do. I said to myself, “What makes me happy, as I sat on my bed wondering?” I thought about what were some of my choices I had that I could feel excited on what decision I chose to make. My choices were as followed; play basketball for Varsity Girls and be statistician /manager for boys.
My coach said, “Alanna, your playing time will be limited.”
I said, “ I know,” as I thought very hard on making my decision. I would play on the Varsity Girls basketball for one year and be statistician for Varsity Girls and Boys basketball. Then I thought about how I loved playing basketball and what I can contribute to the ball team.
I finally decided that I would play Junior Varsity girls basketball and be the statistician for Varsity Boys and Girls basketball team. I chose this because I would not get the playing time I thought I deserved. So the decision I made would be the best for me.

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  1. from 1-6(1 being the lowest,6 being the highest),i would give u a 5.

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  2. Thank you Im veryy happy.

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  3. welcome(:

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  4. mrs. sue can u help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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