social studies

U.S.A old diet-food

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  1. What exactly is your question? You've made a statement (a fragment actually) but haven't asked anything.

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  2. Can you tell me what kinf of food does the american people ate in the past?

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  3. That would depend upon when in the past.

    Many people raised their own chickens and had a cow. Most had a vegetable garden and grew many of their own vegetables. Many people canned their own fruit and vegetables. They would also kill their own chickens. We made our own cakes and cookies and pies as opposed to getting them from the store. Grocery stores were used mainly for staples such as flour, salt and sugar. We did not have "fast-food" shops and most people did not eat "out" very often. However what we ate then was much the same as it is now. If you are talking about the pioneers, they ate what they killed and what they grew.

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