Bracelets You are making beaded bracelets for your friends. You want to use
30 beads for each bracelet and want to use no more than 145 beads. Write an
inequality that models this situation. Can you make 4 bracelets?

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  1. let x = number of bracelets you will make

    since you ill use 30 beads per bracelet, the total number of beads you will use is 30x, and this total number of beads must be no more than 145 beads (or it will not exceed 145),, therefore:

    30x < 145

    to see if you can make 4 bracelets, we divide both sides by 30:
    (30x)/30 < (145)/30
    x < 4 5/6

    since 4 is less than 4 5/6 (or it's still in the range of possible number of bracelets), thus you can make 4 bracelets~

    hope this helps~ :)

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