Calculus 12th grade (double check my work please)

2- given the curve is described by the equation r=3cos ¥è, find the angle that the tangent line makes with the radius vector when ¥è=120¨¬.

A. 30¨¬
B. 45¨¬
C. 60¨¬
D. 90¨¬
not sure A or D

2.) which of the following represents dy/dx when y=e^-2x Sec(3x)?
A.3e^-2x sec(3x) tan (3x)-2e^-2x Sec(3x)<<<< my choice
B.)3e^-2x sec(3x)tan (3x)-2xe^-2x sec(3x)
C.)3e^-2x sec(3x)tan (x)-2e^-2x Sec(3x)
D.)3e^-2x sec(3x)tan (x)-2xe^-2x sec(3x)

3.)calculate dy/dx if y=Ln(2x^3+3x)
D.)6x^2+3/2x^3+3x <<<< my choice

Thank you!

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asked by anon
  1. 2 and 3 are right.

    the first one is a trick question. It is a circle, so the tangent line is always 90 degrees to the radius

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    posted by Jay

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