A spiral spring is compressed so as to add U units of potential energy to it.

When this spring is instead stretched two-thirds of the distance it was compressed, its remaining potential energy in the same units will be

a. 2U/3
b. 4U/9
c. U/3
d. U/9

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  1. Please try these yourself before asking
    (2/3)^2 = 4/9

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  2. hi, don't know the answer, i didn't even go to college.... i am trying to invent a device that will aid in handicapped sports... i am trying to load a spring with the least amount of energy and compound it into the highest kinetic force i can.. only thing loading this spring will be a HC person. For instance when leaning left the left spring is loaded as the right spring is extended, then leaning right the opposite occurs..
    sorry to bug you

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