Costs and Awards

Look for two programs that appeal to you at Education Planner and complete the chart below for each program.

Program Name 1:

Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy Degree




Point Grey Campus-Vancouver B.C

Length of Program:

Four years

Tuition Levels (Approx.):

$5606 per year

Books & Supply Cost Estimates:

$1190 per year(approx.)

Application Fee:


Admission Requirements:

30 credits in Biology, Chemistry, English, Math, and Physics.

Admission Advice:

Enrolment in faculty is limited and competitive.

Preference is given to well-qualified residents of BC who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents of Canada

Applications received with incomplete documentation or without the correct fees will not be processed. Late applications will not be considered

Have I gotten all the information?

I need help with this part:

Find 3 awards that relate to your program(s) listed above and that you qualify for at:

h t t p : // w w w . sd73 . bc . c a / a m a s /

I cant find any award related to Pharmacy

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  1. Call or email the school and ask this question.

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    Ms. Sue

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