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ok I have found 2 websites now I need help answering these ?'s Discuss how modern civilization has impacted the spiritual lives of the indigenous peoples you explored. Are the indigenous religions still being practiced today?

If so, how have the practices changed over time? The websites I have found are these: Discuss how modern civilization has impacted the spiritual lives of the indigenous peoples you explored. Are the indigenous religions still being practiced today?

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  1. Dawn, I am having a hard time helping you. You haven't told us which indigenous people you explored. What did you learn from the websites you found?

    In general, modern civilization has changed indigenous people's experience with nature and their age-old customs. By educating them about science and introducing modern technology, many of these people are confused about what new things to embrace and they wonder how to maintain their old religious beliefs.

    If the history of Christianity is a guide, then probably indigenous peoples have combined some new ideas with some of their traditional ceremonies. For instance, our Christian holidays have some elements of ancient pagan customs -- ghosts on Halloween, and mistletoe and evergreen trees at Christmas. In fact, December 25 was accepted as Christmas, not because it was Christ's actual birthday, but because it could incorporate traditional winter solstice celebrations with the new religion of Christianity.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. I was going to post the websites to show you what people I have picked but I can not post websites here w/o permission from someone on this site.

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  3. Buryats??
    Be sure to go into the Further Reading links near the bottom of this webpage.

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