How to send gifts to China in a strange country?

The Thanksgiving Day is coming. Do you have some ideas about it? For western people, it is more important than us Asian. But this kind of custom influences us gradually. So, this Thanksgiving Day I want to send some interesting gifts to my families, friends and others in order to thanks for them taking care of me in the long period of time. But it is a pity that I am now in a foreign country. How can I complete my plan? How can I deliver my wishes to them?

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  1. We don't usually exchange gifts at Thanksgiving. This holiday is a time for feasting and enjoying the company of friends and relatives.

    But it's great you want to remember your family and friends in China. :-)

    I suggest you choose small and light weight gifts because postage rates are high for heavy or large packages. I also recommend that you get American-made items -- which isn't easy since many of our goods are made in other countries -- like China. A good place to find American-made gifts is at a local arts and crafts fair. Most of these items are made by the people who live nearby and sell their products at this fair.

    After you buy these items, put them in a sturdy box with a lot of padding. Crumpled up newspapers make excellent padding material. Then neatly address the box with a permanent marker. Take it to the post office, and a clerk will take care of sending your gifts.

    Good luck!

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    Ms. Sue
  2. I recommend FedEx for shipping.

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