??Jack has two spheres one has radius of 12 and the other has a diameter of 12. What is the difference between two spheres?

asked by Patrice
  1. Diameter=2*Radius


    Radius of first sphere R1=12

    Radius of second sphere R2=D2/2=12/2=6



    Area of sphere=4*pi*R^2

    Area of first sphere A1=4*pi*12^2=

    Area of second sphere A2=4*pi*6^2



    Volume of a sphere:


    Volume of first sphere:

    Volume of second sphere:




    First sphere have 2x larger Radius, 4x larger Area and 8x larger Volume

    posted by Bosnian
  2. V1/V2=8

    posted by Bosnian
  3. Delete: V2/V1=8

    posted by Bosnian

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