I need help with homophone for a couple sentences I am stuck on.

Sentence 1: The _____ in that phone booth has a shirt with a turtle-necked______.

Sentence 2: The campers in their _____ are _______ about the reports of bears.

Don't show your ____ while on board a ____ ship.

Sentence 4 : Should we _____her because she drinks twelve different kinds of ____?

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  1. Have you been given a list of choices? If so, what are they?

    Go through the two lists -- indicated by the links for Part One and Part Two -- until you find pairs that work in each sentence.

    They may not all be there, but it's a place to start.

    I'll give you one:
    Sentence 2: ... tents ... tense ...

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  2. S1: caller, collar
    S4: tease, teas

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