Liann works in the olde tyme Soda shoppe. The shop sells milkshakes, double milkshakes, and triple milkshakes. A shake uses 1/8 cup of syrup, a double shake uses 1/4 cup of syrup, and a triple shake uses 3/8 cup of syrup. How many shakes of each kind could she make with 3 cups of syrup?

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  1. Syrup required for one cup of each kind
    = 1/8+1/4+3/8
    = 3/4 cup
    1 of each : 3/4 cup
    x of each : 3 cups
    Cross multiply:
    x = 1*3/(3/4)
    Lyann can make 4 of each kind of shakes.

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  2. three groups of students are sharing left over pizza all the same size in witch group does each student get the most pizza

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