why does tan(-120) = - 0.71312301

and not sqrt 3 ?

I tried making a graph and still came up with sqrt 3??

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  1. so what would 0.71312301 be as a sqrt?

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  2. tan -120 = (sqrt(3)) = 1.73205
    coterminal with 240 deg in QIII so positive

    reference angle is 60

    Where did you get - 0.71312301
    Are you using a cal. set to the wrong setting, rads vs degrees?

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  3. I used a calculator to check my answer, (which was originally sqrt 3) and then on the calculator I got 0.713... so I was confused ... anyway thank you

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  4. also, for even vs. odd functions it saids that tan(-angle) = - tan(angle)

    so that doesn't matter since tan is positive in the QIII?

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