consider a mixture of air and gasoline vapor in a piston. original V is 30cm^3. if the combustion of misture releases 985J energy, to what volume will the gases expand against a constant pressure of 655 torr if all energy of combustion is converted into work ro push back the piston?

in L

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  1. Mel--This answer doesn't look right to me so check it out.
    work = -p(V2-V2)= -985
    change p to atmospheres.
    change V to liters.
    I get something like 1,000 liters and that sounds far to large. Perhaps Bob Pursley will look at this.

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  2. That should be -P(V2-V1) and solve for V2.
    Also, last sentence should read "far too large."

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  3. type this in the Google search window:

    985joules/655torr in liters

    That gives you delta Volume.

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  4. I found my problem. I didn't convert J to L-atm.
    985 J/101.325 = 9.72
    Then -9.72 = -(655/760)(V2-V1)
    9.72 = 0.862V2 - 0.862*0.03
    V2 = 11.3 liters.

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