8th grade science

What is the difference between speed and velocity?

asked by Kallie
  1. velocity has direction and magnitude, speed has only magnitude.

    posted by bobpursley
  2. velocity is speed with direction

    For example....
    An airplane is flying East at 300 miles per hour
    Its speed is 300 miles per hour
    Its velocity is 300 miles per hour East

    posted by Dan
  3. calculate the volume of a solid that has a length of 3.1 cm width of 1.9mcm and a height of 2.8 cm

    posted by kiea
  4. Velocity is displacement divided by time, its a vector having both magnitude and direction

    Speed is distance divided by time and
    is scalar having a magnitude only.

    ie. a man runs a race stopping at the finish line, hence 0 displacement and no velocity. He would have speed because he traveled a set distance divided by his time.

    posted by stuart
  5. Tyler put a cube of blue closed cell foam in a syringe and clamped the the end closed, what happened to the particles outside of the cube?

    posted by M

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