I am having difficult time trying to find out what is actually at the base or root of the healthcare crisis in this coutry. I'm really getting confused. I have to write a 10 page argumentative essay including all of the evidence to support my claim...Is it the lack of Medicare funding? Is it a certain group of people that do not have access to health care? What is the most important issue concerning health care today? (I do not want to write about the nursing shortage) Please help me.....

Maybe you should write about the lack of specialized doctors like endicrnologists. It might be very interesting.

Here are some ideas to get you started (I work in health care!)

Since we do not have a "national health care insurance plan," our government has decided that health care should follow a capitalist-type of model. (They are a business like any other). However, the government has also mandated that hospitals must provide care for those who are uninsured and have no money. As a result, many hospitals provide free care, and thus lose money. The bottom line is that if the government is going to mandate that hospitals must provide free care, they certainly need to give the hospitals more money. The money that the government gives to hospitals in the form of Medicare and Medicaid is woefully inadequate to meet the needs of the hospitals, and many are forced to shut down. So, basically, hospitals are told by the government, "go ahead, do your thing, your a business, make a profit, etc." "Oh wait, you MUST provide free care, and we wont reimburse you to do this!"

I hope this helps as a starting point. I'd be glad to help you with specifics.

The flip side is that hospitals are forced to charge (and do charge) more money for basic services to non-medicare patients and non-insured patients to help make up the difference. Another point you might want to look into is the cost of prescription drugs when bought through the hospital as a patient. I don't know the exact price now but I think $5.00 for an aspirin would be a good guess.

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