A bicycle wheel is 30 inches in diameter.

a. to the nearest revolution, how many times will the wheel turn if the bicycle is ridden for 3 miles.

b. suppose the wheel turns at a constant rate of 2.75 revolutions per second. What is the linear speed in miles per hour of a point on the tire?

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  1. For a...
    Circumference = (pi)(d) = 30pi in

    3 mi = 190,080 in

    190,080 / 30pi = 6336 / pi = 2017 revolutions

    Not sure about the second part.

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  2. Part A
    (3miles/1)*(5280ft/1mi)*(12in/1ft)*(1rev/15πin) is appx 4033 revolutions

    Part B
    (2.75rev/1sec)*(60sec/1min)*(60min/1hr)*(15πin/1rev)*(1ft/12in)*(1mi/5280ft) is appx 7.4 mph

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  3. The answers an owl as you at house of jug jug bird y'all finen

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  4. Maths is so cool

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  5. So this is a sensible answer basically you convert inches into miles which is about 190,080 inches then you do 30 times pie and divide them both

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