I need help with this sentence please.
The argument is strong, very few is vague generalities how can I explain why it is strong?
Very few students use heroin. Tom is a student. So Tom doesn't use heroin.

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  1. Please check your previous post. MsSue has helped you there.

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  2. I read what she had and it did not help me at all.

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  3. The argument is not strong...the conclusion is a fallacy - illogical. The argument is 'wrong'. As MsSue said, Tom could just as well be one of the "few" who do not use heroin.

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  4. Just a quick question my book says the argument is strong but I have to explain why.

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  5. The book in this case is incorrect.... I would really suggest that you take this question to your teacher and explain that the statements are illogical....therefore, they can not be strong. Ask the teacher what the book is asking for. I would definitely be curious to know.

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  6. GuruBlue

    I just got my answers check by my teacher and I did do it right the book was right. The answer is below you wanted to see.

    Strong , because of vague generalities

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