engineerig science

I have to make a power point on fiber optic cable

i need links on how to make fiber optics cable

actually the real question is what engineers might do in companines that produce fiber optics cable.

To answer the question, I would have to explain the steps how engineers make a fiber optic cable right?

or is what engingeers do in a company and how to make a fiber optic cable two different slides.

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  1. Companies who make fiber optic cable also make amplifiers, connectors, transmitters (modulators), demodulators, test equipment. The plastic or rubber jackets for the cable hav to be designed also, to be waterproof, uv proof, etc.

    Look at this web site: Consider all the engineering that goes into the tooling to make the fibers, wrap them, produce the connectors, splicing equipment, testing equipment, jackets, and so on.

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