Financial analysis

XYZ Corp. Balance Sheet 12/31
Cash $120
Acct. Receivable 260
Inventory 500
Equipment (net) 620
Total assets $1500
Acct. Payable 350
Mortgage payable 500
Capital Stock (100 shares) 200
Retained earinings 450
total equities 1500

Z corp income statement
FYE 12/31/01
Sales $800
Cost of Sales 300
Gross Margin 500
Operating expenses 100
Operating income 400
taxes 100
Net Income 300

Market price per share $12
Dividends paid 4150 (total)

What is the working capital for 2001
Some other amount

What is the current ratio for 2001
some other amount

What is the return on assets for 2001
Some other amount

What is the return on equity for 2001
Some other amount

what is the quick ratio for 2001
some other amount

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