Dr. Bob

So should it also be introduced into to the methods part to since I had to do that as part of my methods. And you want me to put the equations into my discussion part of the lab report of each run the equations are y=mx+b or should I put that in the result part

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  1. I would use the y = mx + b in the methods part when you explain what you do. They don't need further explanation in the discussion unless you wish to show that it really was a straight line and you want to use that as a proof that the method followd Beer's Law. .

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  2. Can I send you my methods part again I wrote some more in there then you can see if I did it right Please :)

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  3. I'm leaving home in about 10 minutes and I'll not be back until quite late this evening. I may not get a chance to look at it. But you may send it if you wish.

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  4. Make a new most of it please.

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