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Okay so I read your part on the discussion... and I added it to my discussion it just seems like I need more my professor said that the discussion part is supposed to repeat everything talked about in the previous sections like the intro,methods ect. It just sounds so incomplete. And would it sound good to put that stuff I told you about how I got the iron cereal solution into the introduction

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  1. Yes, you need to describe everything you did in the intro although you may want to give an intro only there and describe it in more detail in the methodology. That material definitely belongs there. As for the discussion, yes, you discus what you did and you discus the results but you don't need (or want) to repeat the intro part and you don't need to repeat the methodology UNLESS something in the methodology would make the results better, more convenient, more precise, etc. One thing I have forgotten until now---How many of these samples did you do? Is the 39% an average of several samples. You need to give the percent of each sample you ran, the average of all the samples you ran, as well as a precision. The precision can be whatever your prof wants. Often it is a percent precision from the mean (especially if you ran only two or three samples) but standard deviation is used as well as several others, especially when more samples are done. Did you have any results you did not show? If so, you can do a t test or some other test to determine if that result can be discarded. That goes in the discussion also.

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