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An uncharged spherical conducting shell surrounds a charge -q at the center of the shell. The charges on the inner and outer surfaces of the shell are respectively...

a] -q,-q
b]+q, +q
c]-q, +q
e]+q, -q

2) A postive point Charge is enclosed in a hollow metallic sphere which is not grounded. At a point directly above the hollow sphere the elcetric field caused by the enclosed positive charge...
a]diminished to zero
b]diminished somewhat
c]increased somewhat
d] no change

3]A point charge +Q is located on the x-axis at x=a and a second charge -Q on x-axis at x=-a. A Gaussian surface with radius r=2a is centered at the origin. The flux through that surface....

a]0 b/c the negative flux over one hemishpere is equal to the positive flux over the other.
b]< 0
c] 1 b/c at every point on the surface the electric field has no comp. perpendicular surface
d]1 bc the electric field is 1 at every point on the surface.

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  1. 1e, 2d, 3a

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  2. mjvhyubhu1

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