math: please help

The luncheon special at Little Jimmy's costs $4.89. The lunch bunch has $23.50 in it's account. What is the greatest number of luncheon specials they can buy with the money in their luncheon account?
I got 4 lunches with about $0.80 left over. Is that correct?

4 lunches is correct, but $0.80 left over is incorrect. i see what u did wrong. u divided $23.50 by $4.89 and got 4.8.... The numbers after the decimal represent the remainder, but not the left over $. To get this, multiply $4.89 by 4 to get $19.56. Then subtract this from $23.50.

Again, Thanks :)

okay so let x
4.89X= 23.50
get x by itself
4.89X= 23.50/ 4.89
x= 4.805725971

so ...
he can buy 4 lunches with 4 dollars left over!

sorry for the mix up!
so ...
he can buy 4 lunches with $3.94 left!

where did u get $3.94?

never mind, i got that too!

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