Will someone please check my answers. I'm not sure what is the answer for #1. It is just too confusing. ** Italic. ()underlined.

1)Choose the answer that tells how to correct the sentence. If the sentence is correct, choose "correct."
“I’ll make a deal with you,” Dad said. “You clean the attic, and I’ll mow the yard.”

Delete the comma after you.
Delete the period after said.
Lowercase you.

2. The following sentence may have an error in grammar or usage. Parts of the sentence are underlined. Choose the underlined part of the sentence that contains an error. If there is no error, choose "no error."
Glancing over the photo (album, Danika) noticed that in one picture her grandmother was reading an (old, leather) copy of the novel (*War and Peace*)

album, Danika
old, leather
War and Peace<-----
no error

3. Choose the sentence that contains an error in the punctuation of a title.
For the next hour or so, the staff debated the headlines for tomorrow’s *Pittsburgh Herald*.

His poem “Clockwork” is going to be published in the Sunday edition of the *Myburg Gazette*.

This is the one hundredth time that Tracy has sung “The Farmer in the Dell” this morning alone!

I’m going to write a one-act play about you and call it *Impossible*.

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  1. I disagree with your answer for #2. I don't see your answers for 1 and 3.

  2. Why do you disagree with me on #2? I picked it because there is noo period in the end. Can you help me with the rest. #3 is the last choice, but i don't about one because it is too confusing.

    4. Choose the sentence that contains an error in the use of italics.
    On the desk was a copy of a novel titled *Intrepid*.

    His graffiti style was the subject of an article in the *Miami Times*.

    I can never spell separate.<---

    Oh, that 2 looked like a 7.

    5. Choose the sentence that contains an error in the use of commas.

    Soaring quickly out of sight, the red balloon rapidly became a tiny dot.

    Behind that wide smile lay a lingering resentment.

    Pausing for a moment Janice considered her answer.<----

    Well, nobody is right all the time.

    6. Choose the sentence that contains an error in the use of commas.
    Yes, I can see what you mean.

    From then until now I've never seen another bobcat.

    An experienced mechanic, Alan has a busy shop and a full schedule.

    Under the bed in Jerri's room was my football.<---- This is confusing.

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  3. 7. Choose the sentence that contains an error in the use of commas.
    I followed the trail of sticky green goo.

    A black Andalusian stallion cantered up to the gate.

    Roxanne showed me her new wireless modem.

    We need a clear definitive answer to our query.<----

    I forgot to put this down withthe rest. Some are way too confusing.

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  4. If War and Peace is both underlined AND in italics, that's definitely an error!! But I also think "old, leather" is an error, too. I don't think that comma is needed.
    See #5.

    I'm not going to do your work for you. If you want responses on the rest, you'll need to make a choice and explain each one.

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