Explain (in 3 or more sentences) how you can tell if a system of two linear equations has 0, 1, or infinitely many solutions. Be sure to say how the lines are not related and give specific examples of each.

ok, I think it might be:

A system of two linear equations has one ordered pair if the lines intersect. It has no ordered pairs if the two lines do not intersect. It has an infinite number of ordered pairs if the two lines are the same.

Is this right? Is there anything else I need to add?

Now I just need to give specific examples of each... so do I need to make up 3 problems and then graph them?

No. If they never meet, there is no solution. If they cross at one point, one solution. If the lines are colinear(that is the same line), the solutions are infinite.

What are some facts about linear lines

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