math 9 helppp

concert tickets are for sale online. there is a handline fee of $3.50 added to the cost of every tickets. if you uy 7 tickets and the total comes to $385 what is the cost of one ticket before the handling fee is added?
the answer is $51.50 but i got 51 i dun know why i solve it like this (below)
7x+3.50= 385
54.5-3.50 = i got 51

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  1. The equation is

    7x = 385 - 7(3.50)
    7x = 385 - 24.50
    7x = 360.50
    x = 51.5

    EACH ticket has a 3.50 service fee

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  2. how about this equation? is this right??

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  3. Well, you arrived at the same answer, but the equation is not correct for the problem.

    Your equation doesn't make sense.

    Where did you get 380?

    380/7 = 54.29 not 55, even rounded it would be 54 or 54.30 not 55.

    And, it is 3.50 fee/ticket.

    You can't randomly subtract 3.50 from your total just to arrive at the correct answer.

    What's wrong with doing the equation the correct way?

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