Hi, all! I'm trying to right a small and simple paragraph in french. This is what I'm trying to say:

Yesterday, I read an article "Skills and Accuracy in Criminal Profiling" by Richard N. Kocsis in English. I liked it a lot because law is my favourite subject. Today, I will speak about it in my next class. So, I had to read and study a lot. It is a difficult subject, but also very interesting.

This is what I said in french:
Hier, j'ai lu le article "Skills and Accuracy in Criminal Profiling" de Richard N. Kocsis en anglais. J'aime ai beaucoup parceque je prefere le genre de la loi (not sure about this). Aujourd'hui je vais parler de subjet en class. Alors, Il a bien fallu lire et etudier beaucoup. Il est tres difficule, mais aussi tres interessante.

Help, please? I'm pretty lost and I feel like i'm messing up the grammatical formula.

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  1. Write*

    Gosh! My brain is so fried.

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  2. We certainly understand about "fried brains!" This is an interesting topic and you have done well, considering!

    l'article = if the noun begins with a vowel (a, e, i, o, u + y & aspirated (sounded) h. (l'homme vs le héros)

    Did you wish to put the title of the article into French? Learning to use a dictionary is a good skill to have and if you need an online dictionary, there are lots but 3 I like a lot. Just ask

    Now what is "ai" there for? it? This is the direct-object pronoun referring to a masculine singular noun such as "l'article." le = Je l'ai aimé (your English said LIKED = past tense)...parce que (1 words)

    Now we get to accent marks. If you don't know how to do them with a computer - LEARN. Then I need to know if you have a PC (much more trouble) or a MAC (SO easy!) There are 3 "e's" in French: e (no accent) = uh or euhh (HATE trying to use English to try to represent French!), é (accent aigu) = A (like the first letter of the American alphabet) and è (accent grave) = eh. My favorite word has all 3 = élève.

    je préfère (another word with all 3 "e's!")...
    vocab - le droit for LAW that you study that will explain le loi (too many laws on the books) Actually you wrote "type of law" and that English could not sound very French. If you don't understand any of the grammar I'm going to use, don't use it. (teacher will know you got help if you come up with something you have not yet learned!)
    Le droit c'est ma matière favorite.

    du sujet and don't forget final "e" on "classe."

    étudier (if y our pronunciation is good, you'll know where to put the accent by sounding out the word.

    très difficile....très intéressant. (I don't know what the antecedent is here = or the noun which these 2 adjectives modify. masculine singular = you are fine BUT feminine singular, put the final "e" on the 2nd adjective.

    Please feel free to ask any other questions you might have. You might even want to retype JUST the French for final proofreading.

    Sra (aka Mme)

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  3. Thank you so much! I'll get on this immediately.

    I didn't include the accents because I am on a PC and for some reason, my netbook doesn't register it.

    I don't think we've covered the grammar you just gave.

    I think I put the "ai" there because originally I had Je lui ai (before I remembered thst lui = him or her, not it) and that you use it for indirect situations with a (accent grave)

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  4. And no, I thought i'd be safe and not put the article name in french. So I thought specifying it was in english would be easiest.

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  5. 1. So in the first sentence, it would be: "Hier, j'ai lu l'article..."?

    2. I'll change the next to: "Je l'ai aimé beaucoup parce que je préfére le droit."

    3. I'm trying to say that the class is difficult and interesting. It's a psychology class (which I know is feminine), but I haven't mentioned that, so I thought that it defaulted to "Il?"

    Hier, j'ai lu l'article "Skills and Accuracy in Criminal Profiling" de Richard N. Kocsis en anglais. (I was trying to say "by Richard Kocsis" here, is "de" appropriate?) Je l'ai aimé beaucoup parce que je préfére le droit.Aujourd'hui je vais parler du subjet en classe. Alors, Il a bien fallu lire et étudier beaucoup. Il est tres difficile, mais aussi tres interessant.

    Thank you for all of your help!

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  6. with an accent on très and intéressant as well. Wish i could edit my post!

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  7. The 1rst sentence is correct. "de" is appropriate.
    Je l'ai beaucoup aimé parce que le droit est mon sujet favori. Aujourd'hui, je vais en parler dans mon prochain cours.
    Donc, j'ai dû lire et beaucoup étudier. C'est un sujet difficile, mais aussi très intéressant.

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