An Adult male's heart pumps about 2.8 million liters of blood a year. If his heart beats 70 times a minute, how much blood does his heart pump with each beat? Show work

asked by chad
  1. Volume per beat
    = total volume / number of beats
    = 2800000 litres / (365*24*60 minutes * 70 beats per minute)
    = 0.076 l. / beat

    posted by MathMate
  2. Its .076 in each beat .

    posted by math lover
  3. 2.8million liters in a yr.
    is 7671.233 liters a day
    which is 319.63 per hr.
    which is 5.327 liters per min.
    which is .076 liters per beat!
    So , the answer is .076 liters per beat.

    posted by Math Lover
  4. 0.076 Liters per beat!!!!!

    posted by Math Is Life!!
  5. 2.8 million a year divided by 365 days in a year = 7671.233 liters a day.
    7671.233 liters a day divided by 24 hours in a day=319.63 liters an hour
    319.63 divided by 1440 minutes in a day=5.372 liters a minute
    5.372 divided by 70 beats per minute=0.076 liters per beat

    posted by WeirdQuestionsAnswered

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