A dehydrated patient needs a 7.9% saline IV. Unfortunately, the hospital only has bags of 3% and 10% saline solutions. How many liters of each of these solutions should be mixed together to yield 3 liters of the desired concentration?

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  1. x = liters of 3% solution
    3 - x = liters of 10% solution
    .03x = value 3% solution
    .10(3 - x) = value 10% solution
    3 = liters of 7.9% mixture
    .079(3) = 0.237 = value 7.9% mixture

    .03x + .10(3 - x) = 0.237

    Solve for x, which is number of liters of 3% solution.
    (3 - x) = number of liters of 10% solution

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