CD is a line segment joining the point C(3,8) and D(3,-4). Find the coordinates of the three points that divide CD into 4 equal parts?

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  1. Those points lie along a vertical line from y = 8 to -4. Along that line, x remains 3. The y interval spanned by the line is 12 units. 1/4 of that is 3.

    So for the three equally spaced intermediate points (four segments), increase y from -4 to +8 in steps of 4.

    The first point (closest to D) will be (3,0)

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  2. I don't understand

    can you explain again in details, please

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  3. Just plot out the two points and connect them and count the number of squares on your graphing papers to find the length.

    You should have 12 squares total in length if you drew in correctly because (8+|-4|) =12.

    Now you need to divide that into 4 equal parts so do 12/4 = 3 units apart in each interval.

    So now go to the tip of one point, let's say you start from the point (3,8). Going from 8, move down 3 units and you'll find the point (3,5), move down another 3 units and you find (3,2), then (3,-1).

    So basically the point closet to D is (3,-1) not (3,0). The person above was wrong, probably because he was just thinking it inside his head without drawing it down, but his concept is right though.

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  4. why do you said D is (3,-1)? not CD?

    and why the result is (3,-1) not the other parts (3,5) or (3,2) ?

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  5. No, I didn't say D is (3,-1). The question asks you for 3 points on the segment CD that will divide that segment to 4 pieces equally. I'm just saying that the CLOSEST point to CD is (3,-1) just to correct what drwls said.

    The 3 points on the segment CD are (3,-1), (3,2) and (3,5). So your answer are ALL THREE OF THOSE POINTS, not just (3,-1).

    I think you didn't understand what the question is asking. Draw out the line and re-read the question and label those 3 points on the segment CD to see if that helps you understand the problem.

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  6. thanks a lot for you

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