I got a speech to do on a English topic called CONFLICT & RESOLUTION.

I have to do a speech on either a :
person - biography or autobiography
a poet

and conflicts can be:
A large scale conflict e.g. a war, revolution etc.

I need to provide an informative and interesting oral presentation. Demonstrating evidence of research and interpretation of the analysis of the material.

Point to consider: "I must have a focus question"...

This speech is so broad yet kinda vague.
I plan on doing "Die Untergung" or DOWNFALL, a movie on Hitler's last hours.
or SOMETHING to do with World War 2 as I am highly interested in it.

I'm looking for advice on what information I could use, or how I could go abouts doing my speech, like what specifically I should talk about?

I was thinking something like showing how after the war, propoganda is still spreading about the NAZI's and how bad they were, even though Stalin was 20x more evil than Hitler, yet nobody acknowledges that?
Can someone PLEASE give me hints on what I could talk about.

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