Need the two sentences translated, not answered, just translated so that I can help my niece:

Hay 70 personas esperando en fila para comprar boletos para un concierto. Cuando se acaban los boletos todavia quedan 31 personas en la fila. ¿Aproximadamente cuántas personas consiguieron boletos?

En una bolsa hay 3,929 frijoles. Alguien derrama 1,124 frijoles. ¿Aproximadamente cuántas frijoles quedan en la bolsa?

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  1. Here's a rough translation...

    There are 70 people waiting in line to buy tickets for a concert. When all the tickets were sold, 31 people were still in line. About how many people got/obtained tickets?

    In a bag, there are 3,929 beans. Someone pours out/spills 1,124 beans. About how many beans are left in the bag?

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  2. Michael = not so rough! It was a good translation!


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