Need the two sentences translated, not answered, just translated:

Hay 70 personas esperando en fila para comprar boletos para un concierto. Cuando se acaban los boletos todavia quedan 31 personas en la fila. ¿Aproximadamente cuántas personas consiguieron boletos?

En una bolsa hay 3,929 frijoles. Alguien derrama 1,124 frijoles. ¿Aproximadamente cuántas frijoles quedan en la bolsa?

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  1. Try using a Spanish-English dictionary. Another idea is try breaking it down..section by section. If it is still unclear, try a translator (this should be the last resort).

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  2. NEVER use a translator, please! They never work well because they won't understand the "context" nor the nuances of a language. The dictionary, however, is a good idea, but only if you know how to use a dictionary!

    Fortunately, Michael answered this post above.


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  3. 1)70-31=39
    the answer is 39 people

    the answer is 2805 frijoles

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