To introduce an unusual or unfamiliar word, to coin new words, or to introduce a new meaning to a familiar word."
A) Stipulative definition
B) Precising definition
C) Explanatory definition
D) Persuasive definition
E) Definition by example
F) Analytical definition
G) Definition by synonym

"To reduce vagueness and eliminate ambiguity."
A) Definition by synonym
B) Explanatory definition
C) Persuasive definition
D) Definition by example
E) Analytical definition
F) Stipulative definition
G) Precising definition

"A definition that points to, names, or describes one or more examples of something to which the defined term applies."
A) Explanatory definition
B) Definition by synonym
C) Definition by example
D) Analytical definition
E) Persuasive definition
F) Precising definition
G) Stipulative definition

"A definition that gives another word or phrase that means the same thing as the term being defined."
A) Explanatory definition
B) Precising definition
C) Definition by example
D) Stipulative definition
E) Persuasive definition
F) Definition by synonym
G) Analytical definition

"A definition that specifies the type of thing the term applies to and the differences between the things the term applies to and other things of the same type."
A) Precising definition
B) Stipulative definition
C) Analytical definition
D) Explanatory definition
E) Persuasive definition
F) Definition by example
G) Definition by synonym

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