Law and Ehtics in Medicine

Please cheeck my answer thanks :)

Dr. Smith is sued for malpractice. When called to give testimony at trial, he will be allowed to testify about the patient's care.

I think that's True

The other choices were...

be barred for revealing medical information about the patient's care.
not be permitted to take the witness stand.
be allowed to testify, but not about the patient's care

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  1. Although I'm not a lawyer, I assume you are correct. If the patient has sued the doctor for malpractice, the patient must have given up his/her right of privacy. The doctor has the right to testify about the patient's care in order to defend him/herself.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. thanks ") I thought that as well if you are suing then the doctor should have a right to defend him/herself

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  3. You're welcome. :-)

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    Ms. Sue

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