I'm trying to find the following sequence that relates to the number of ways that paving stones can be laid to make a 3-foot-wide path using 3-foot
by 1-foot stones.

This is a very complex problem, and I'd appreciate a little help to start me off in the right direction, or some links to a similar problem. I know Dr. Math has a link, but can someone give me another?

Thank you. Have a good weekend :]

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  1. Maybe I'm missing something -- but I only see two ways of laying these stones to make a 3-foot-wide path. I assume you don't want to cut these stones so you must lay them perpendicular to the sides of the path.

    You either lay them in rows of three across -- with the 1-foot long sides parallel with the sides of the path -- or each stone is placed the other way with the 3-foot long sides parallel with the sides of the path.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. I misstated the previous answer. Sorry.

    You either lay them in rows of three across -- with the 3-foot-long sides parallel with the sides of the path or each stone is placed the other way with the 1-foot-long sides parallel with the sides.

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    Ms. Sue

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