My watch is 1 second fast each hour, and my friend's is 1.5 seconds slow each hour. Right now they show the same time. When will they show the same time again?

!!!!!!!!I NEED THIS BY TOMORROW!!!!!!!!


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  1. The difference between your watches increases 2.5 seconds per hour. The number of hours required for the difference to equal 12 hours (at which time the watches will agree) is 43,200 sec/(2.5 sec/hr) = 17,280 hr = 720 days or about 2 years.

    If you are wondering where the number 43,200 came from, that is the number of seconds in 12 hours.

    When you asked this question before, I thought you said they watches ran 1 sec fas and 1.5 sec slow per DAY. That is why I came up woth a difference answer.

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  2. Thanks, I realy appreciate that.

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  3. Wow,You are really smart!!

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