I have an exponent properties test tomorrow, its our last one before the final, so its important, but anyways, there is one question on the review that is confusing me. Could you please help? Here it is :


I don't know if the exponents showed up, but the numbers after x & y in the first parenthasis part are exponents, and the -3 on the last one is an exponent.
Sorry if this is confusing. Thanks! (:

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asked by Abigail
  1. I really need help with this, please!

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    posted by Abigail
  2. Factor: (x^2-1)/(4x-12) X (3x^2-12+9)/(x^2+x)

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    posted by Dilara
  3. are you multiplying this?

    (2y^2 x^7) * (-xy) * (9x^-3 y)

    If so the answer is,
    -18x^5 y^4

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    posted by helper
  4. @helper:
    Yes, that's it! I wasn't sure how to type it.
    I solved it while I was waiting, and that's the answer I got ,thanks so much!

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    posted by Abigail

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