Early Child Ed.

Is "B" the best answer for this question?

Language prompts used by low-income
caregivers reveal a need for training

A) approaches for eliciting referential
language and labels.

B) expanding question formats to obtain
a child's elaborations and predictions

C) strategies for increasing frequency
of story-reading events.

D) ways of modeling reading to instill
a sense of pleasure in the activity.

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  1. Yes. (B) is the best answer.

    But I must object to the question. It assumes that "low-income" care givers have a language deficiency. Although that is true for many of them, it's not true for all of them.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. I am a caregiver ( teacher)for toddlers in a center . I do not get paid much for all my years of experience but I do not have a Lang. deficiency. i am going to school to become a school teacher for better money.

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