Early Child Ed.

1. A classroom activity that requires
children to find their name cards
at Circle Time or on the
Daily Duties chart affords an
opportunity for:

A) the teacher to observe the child's
active participation in classroom

B) noting the child's adjustment to
mainstream expectations.

C) demonstrating the functional utility
of reading and writing.

D) bridging the gap between home and
school learning contexts.

2. An early childhood professional
who works toward a young child's
socialization into the larger
society recognizes the seriousness

A) supporting children through numerous
transitions,so they can negotiate
future changes.

B) supporting colleagues in their
pofessional development.

C) reserving space for professional

D) developing a values-based
philosophy backed by NAEYC.

3. During the process of program
evaluation,diversity would NOT
be evidenced in:

A) the presence of materials reflecting
an array of culturally different

B) planned activities that mirror
games,interests,and history of
ethnic groups.

C) staff representatives of diverse
linguistic and racial backgrounds

D) exclusion of mainstream
parents/guardians from policy
committees,in the interest of
cultural diversity.

Here are my answers. Please let me know
the ones that I have wrong.

1. (C) demonstrating the functional
utility of reading and writing.

2. (A) supporting children through
numerous transistions,so they
can negotiate future changes.

3. (A) the presence of materials
reflecting an array of
culturally different groups.

Please let me know if I have any wrong.

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  1. I agree with your first two answers. :-)

    But I don't think (A) is the answer for # 3.

    Your question asks when diversity is NOT evident. Using materials (pictures and stories) from different cultures shows the program's sensitivity to diversity.

    Let's look at (D). How can you keep out one cultural group (the mainstream) in an your striving for diversity?

    The answer must be D.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Ms. Sue, I just wanted to take a
    moment to thank you for all your help!
    May God bless you and keep you in his care!

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  3. You're very welcome. I enjoy helping you. :-) And thanks for the blessing.

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    Ms. Sue

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