very hard math question Help

Accoring to the info below, calculate the invoice total please show all your work and explian thanks

Customer Invoice
Stock# Quant Unit Item Uniit Price
24795 150 ea calculator $10.63
32678 150 ea stapler $4.95
82493 80 box pencils $1.29
67028 50 box erasers $ 2.48
75962 25 box paper $15.49
49753 75 box pens $9.58
Please note shipping charges are $110.10

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  1. What do you find hard about this problem?

    It's simply a matter of multiplying the quantity by the price and adding them together.

    If you post your answer, we'll be glad to check it for you.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. ok I think I got it please see if this is write thanks

    150 X $10.63=1594.5
    150 X $4.95= 742.5
    80 X 1.29 = 103.2
    50 X 2.48 = 124
    25 X15.49= = 387.25
    75 X 9.58 = 718.5
    then add the number together which you get 3669.95 ok then what do you do because it says note shipping charges are $110.10

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  3. I didn't check all of your calculations, but I assume they're correct.

    You add the shipping charges to the total and invoice the customer for that amount.

    $3669.95 + 110.1 = $3780.05

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    Ms. Sue

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