biology can someone check

Decide if each of the following statements is true.If it is not rewrite the parentheses part to make it true.

1) Scientific methods include observation,(forming a hypothesis, and experiment).
ans: false ;answer questions; solve problems

2)A statement that can be tested and presents a possible solution to a question is a(law).
answer:False; theory.
:3) In a controlled experiment, two groups are tested and allconditions except (two) are kept the same for both groups.

answer:False ;One

4)A condition that remains the same for both groups is called the (independent variable.)

answer:False; controlled experiment

5)A condition that changed by experimenter in one group and not the other is called the (dependent variable).
answer: true
6)A scientific experiment can be conducted(only in a laboratory).
Answer:False; anywhere

7)A theory is a (law) that has been confirmed by many experiments.

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  1. !. true/ The scientific method does include hypothesis, experiment, observation.

    2. hypothesis is a statement that can be tested. A law is already verified.

    3. ok

    4. ok

    5. You change the independent variable while holding controlled variables constant.

    6. ok

    7. A law is a theory that has been confirmed by many experiments. (for example Newton's laws of motion.)

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