salivary amylase

Salivary amylase is secreted by the salivary glands, and catalyzes

the breakdown of starch and glycogen to smaller polypeptides.

the breakdown of starch and glycogen to smaller polysaccharides.

the breakdown of proteins to smaller polypeptides.

the breakdown of proteins to smaller polysaccharides.

I beleive the correct answer is "the breakdown of proteins to smaller polysaccharides" but am unsure. Am I correct or am I totally lost?

Nuts to your answer.

Then remember that sugars are polysaccharides.

ok, confused by wording. not big or too knowledgeable at all about some of these terms.

the breakdown of starch and glycogen to smaller polypeptides.

I think this is it based on what I read.

your solution is
the breakdown of starch and glycogen to smaller polysaccharides.

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