Floor Hockey

I have floor hockey assignment to do.

Paint extra pictures with ur words. Your booklet whould break down the skill(skills) u are describing into easy to understand "bites" or coaching points. Sequence these together to describe the skills(s) using imaginative language that will create an image for the person reading ur words. Examples of this include phrases such as "Play the Piano" to describe pushing a basket ball with the pads of ur fingers when dribbling a basketball. Show progression from start to finish of the skill ur describing. Each part should be simple and to understand by a complete novice.

What I did:

There are certain skills which a player must have in order to be a good player. The player which takes the time to master those skills is the player that scores the goals, stops the shots, and/or plays the best defense. Agility, speed, flexibility, stick handling, and playing smart are all skills which can be learned and applied to the game.
Agility: Your genetic makeup will show how agile you are, but only you can push yourself to your potential. “Soar and Score” means to run fast and score a goal.

Speed: Being fast is important as you can quickly snatch the puck and score a goal without being bumped into. “Boost up the engine” refers to increasing your speed.

Flexibility: This skill is very important for goalies. They almost need to be able to try to be like a rubber band, stretching impossibly to many areas of the line to make the second, third, and fourth save. “Do the twist”, this refers to you bending and exercising.

How does this sound?

Now I have to do a section on common problems and possible things to think about as a way of correcting them. I don't know what commong problems are encountered when playing Floor Hockey. I tried searching on internet, but couldn't find anything. Could u please help me on this?

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