AlgebrAlgebra-Mathmate or BobPursley or Reiny

I had asked a question earlier and bob pursley nicely answered it but I do have a question concerning it still- perhaps someone could clarify it-

f(x) = logx is a logarthmic function. Bob Pursley said it could be because the base is implied but my question is the way it is written is exactly the way I wrotr it here-doesn't it need parentheses or something to be correct?

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asked by Anna
  1. I read it as the logarithm of x.

    If you read it that way also, it is a logarithmic equation.

    Very few mathematicians get overly concerned with notation, however, I have known many high school teachers make a big deal of Log(x) and other notation. I still remember when one thousand was written 1--- ; nowadays, since placeholders were invented, 1000 is the norm. But it still represents the same value. 1K ; or 1E3 are still a thousand also.

    Analyze your teacher's psyche on this.

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    posted by bobpursley
  2. Thank you-I understand what you're saying-I really appreciate the help

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    posted by Anna

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