Can you check these sentences for me please? Thank you. I couldn't find a synonym for "She never overruled (?) Parliament"./She was beloved (?) by the middle class.

1)The Victorians were extremely proud of their empire, which extended into Asia, Africa, Central America and Oceania. British policemen are still known as bobbies from their founder’s name, Sir Robert Peel, who was Prime Minister from 1829 to 1830.
2)The Great Exhibition of 1851 became the symbol of Britain’s economical and political power. It was housed at the Crystal Palace in Hyde Park and goods coming from all parts of Britain and all the countries of the Empire were on display/were exhibited.
3)The Victorians promoted a code of values, which was then applied to all strata of society and refined by the middle class.
4)This code implied of good manners, a comfortable home and charitable activity.
5)This code found its basis in Evangelicalism, whose founder was John Wesley
6)Single women with one child were ostracised and emarginated from society
Darwin argued that man is the result of a process of evolution, in which the strongest of the species survived whereas the weakest deserved to be defeated.
7) Darwin therefore discarded the version of the Creation given by the Bible .

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asked by Franco
  1. 2. comma after "Park"

    4. delete "of"

    5. period at the end of the sentence

    6. period after "ostracised" and delete the rest - the last part is redundant - comma after "survived."

    7. I think you need to read more about the man, Charles Darwin. From everything I've read, the idea in this sentence is not correct.

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