A curve with polar equation
r=(8)/7sinx + 36cosx
represents a line. This line has a Cartesian equation of the form
y=mx+b ,where m and b are constants. Give the formula
for y in terms of x . For example, if the line had equation
y=2x+3 then the answer would be 2x+3 .

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asked by Audrey
  1. you must mean r = 8/(7sinØ + 36cosØ)

    It would be very confusing to have x as an angle and then use it in the linear function
    Also I tried your equation the way you typed it and got nowhere.

    conversion: r^2 = x^2 + y^2, and sinØ = y/r, cosØ = x/r

    r = 8/((7y/x) + 36x/r))
    r = 8r/(7y + 36x)
    1 = 8/(7y + 36x)
    36x + 7y = 8 is the linear equation

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    posted by Reiny
  2. How do you convert 36x + 7y = 8 into y=mx+b format?

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    posted by Audrey
  3. that is the easy part ....
    36x + 7y = 8
    7y = -36x + 8
    y = (-36/7)x + 8/7

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    posted by Reiny

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